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Configuring Workflow rule

Workflows are enforced for enabling need based access to passwords and direct access. Its important to define a scope of what a user can view to request for an access.

  • Login to the system and select EPM from the product navigator.

  • Navigate to Policies.

  • Select Workflow Management from the sidebar the "Configure" from the sidebar.

  • Click on the "+ Add Workflow Rule" button.

  • Enter the overview details as follows:

    • Rule name: Specify an appropriate name for the rule which will define your workflow. The name should be unique and instance-specific.

    • Description: Enter a unique descriptive title for your workflow rule.

    • Levels: Define the number of levels required for an approval workflow.

  • Enter the configuration details by selecting the types from the checkboxes available and other scheduling details as listed below:-

    • Request type: Select password or access-based workflow.

    • Schedule time: Select any if you would like a rule enforced any time of the day or select time window you want to enable.

  • Attributes: Select the attributes where you would like to apply this workflow. If workflow attributes are left blank, workflow rules are applied to all transactions initiated for the selected attributes. You can also add levels for multiple approvals.

  • Status: By default, any workflow rule request is enabled as Active.

In case of conflicting workflow rules for a particular transaction, preference is given to the latest rule.

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