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Managing approvals

The Approvals tab on your Endpoint Access page contains the logs as well as the current status of all Requests sent to you as an Approver. This is to ensure that all requests raised by the users are reviewed and validated by an authorized approver.

Understanding the approval interface

The following table lists various possible actions in the approval view with their purposes:



Request ID

System generated ID for each request raised.


Request type - could be application elevation or full admin access

Requested by

User who has raised the request.

Requested on

The date and time when the request were raised.


Description of why the request was raised.

Ticket no

User-defined text or number or combination of both. 

Current status

Status of the request.

Approving a request via web interface

  • Login to the system and select EPM from the product navigator.

  • After receiving the request (provided you are an authorized approver), you can click on Approvals on the Workspace page.

  • Click on the request ID that has to be approved. You can either approve or reject the request based on your choice.

  • To approve or reject multiple requests, tick the checkbox placed next to Request IDs.

  • Click on the Action button and select Approve/Reject based on your choice.

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