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Key concepts & Capabilties of Notification Service

Sectona can send notifications when significant events occur. For example, you may want to know when the system configurations change or about particularly critical events. Notifications provide a convenient way to keep track of your system changes when you don't have access to the system console or are not checking activities on the console. The notification engine sends a notification about solution activities automatically based on rules configured in the system. The notification engine is a core part of the platform and uses the notification service. This service is auto started and the status of the same can be monitored from System Status

This section covers:

Key concept of Notification Service

Pre-defined Notification Rule

Sectona Notification Service provides an update to the user when different events occur with the specified Notification group. For example, if the organization has a critical asset in which they need to be informed if someone takes a session on the asset, Sectona Notification Service will get triggered and an email will be sent to the respective email –id informing about the session execution and more details about it.

Keeping Track of All Notification Groups

Sectona has various Notification groups which include Access Control, Accounts, Assets, Audit, High Availability, Instances, License, Policy, Proxy and Landing, Servers, Reporting, Satellite Vault, Security, Session Activity, System, Users, Vault, and Workflow. Keeping track of these groups becomes easier by using this notification rule.

Out of the box Notification Template

Having an out-of-the-box feature in notification gives the organization the freedom to add, update, or remove the information which by then will be received as an email. Henceforth it allows the organization to customize each and every template as per their requirement.

Customizable Email Template 

Sectona not only gives permission to customize the templates of the notifications but it also allows the organization to configure the email format as well.

Capabilities of Notification Service

Real-time updates and reminders

Apart from keeping track of each of the activities performed under PAM, it also gives real-time updates and a reminder to the organization. For example, if someone has made some changes in High Availability or the next 10 days your license in about expire, or backup of the System has been completed, or your workflow request is approved/rejected, such notification alerts will be provided to the user via Sectona Notification Service.

Track User/System Behavior

Keeping track of the events and system behavior becomes easy with the user Sectona Notification Service. It gives accurate information about the event that occurred as per the need so that effective actions can be taken accordingly. Also, the information provided can be customized as the requirement.

No additional tool required 

Having a feature of Notification rule, not only helps in keeping track of all the critical and essential activities but also reduces the capital of the organization from not spending any extra expenditure.

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