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Applying conditions with tags

When working with assets, users, or privileged accounts in your hybrid environment, you may want to identify or group entities according to how they operate in your business environment.

For example, you have an SAP HANA environment hosted on multiple servers. You recently added more components to your SAP HANA environment increasing the application servers and data layers. You want to assign the access of these servers to the staff managing these assets. You want to also ensure that the team can access these servers and any new team added on can get access without complicated processes. Creating groups based only on naming conventions still requires the PAM administrator to assign access to multiple servers manually. Assets are identified by IP Address/Hostname, Users by username, and Accounts by unique names. Tags help in defining business relevance to grant access to users and group assignments.

With tags, you can assign attributes to assets, users, and accounts to allow attribute-based linking. You can tag users with SAP Administrators and assets with SAP tags to create dynamic account groups or user groups that will ensure dynamic attribute-based grouping of these entities as soon as you add them. 

This section covers:

Steps for creating a new tag

To define a new tag in the PAM solution, follow the given steps:

  • Login to the Sectona PAM portal as an administrator.

  • Go to Configuration and click on Tags from the sidebar.

  • Click on the +Add Tag button.

  • A form will appear on the side screen which will ask you to provide a unique tag name and a description of the tag.

  • Make sure the Active checkbox is checked.

  • Click the Save button and your tag will be created.

The name of the tag and description can be an alphanumeric string with minimum 2 and maximum 255 characters.

Disabling an active tag

You can disable an active tag as follows. When an active tag is disabled, you won’t be able to assign the tag to any Asset, Account, or User.

  • Navigate to the Configuration page in the Sectona PAM Solution.

  • Click on Tags which is listed in the sidebar.

  • Select the tag you wish to edit.

  • Untick the Active checkbox.

  • Click Save.

Tags can be used in Asset Management, Account Management, and User Management. For more information, refer to Adding New AssetsAdding New Accounts, and Adding New User sections.

One can add more than one tags for an Asset, Account, or User.

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