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Customizing web application appearance & site settings

Sectona Web Application access can be customized by adding your logo, modifying the login page, etc. This section covers the following:

Customizing application appearance

This section helps you modify the look and feel of the system by changing the application's logo, title, and color.

  • Login to the Sectona portal as an administrator.

  • Go to  Configuration → click on the Appearance tab on the sidebar.

  • In the Application section, edit the Title.

  • Browse for the logo you want and change the desired width. File types supported are GIF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG.

  • Select the background color to suit your needs.

  • Select the width if you like to customize it as per your logo. The default width is 140px.

  • Click on Save.

Customizing logon screen

This section helps you modify the look and feel of the logging by changing the logo and banner and providing a help link.

  • Login to the Sectona portal as an administrator. 

  • Go to  Configuration → click on the Appearance tab on the sidebar.

  • In the Logon page section, insert a Title or tick the Same As Application checkbox.

  • Browse for the logo you want, change the width, or tick the Same As Application checkbox.

  • Tick the Message checkbox to display some messages to users while logging in. You may want to add application information like 'Production' or 'UAT.'

  • You can offer additional help to the user by adding a display message in the Show section and a help URL in the URL section.

  • You can also add Logon Banner by ticking the Required checkbox to add a banner up to 2000 characters while accessing a session. This will be displayed after successful login by the user.

  • To add the Help link on the Logon page, tick the Show button and provide the help URL in the URL field.

  • Tick the Show Login button Once. Click the Next Button checkbox to display the username and password fields on different pages. When this option is applied, the user must provide a username and click on the Next button, which will redirect to a page to give the password to log in.
  • To add a textbox for OTP on the login page, tick the Yes button on under Logon with OTP option and provide the watermark text for the OTP field.
  • Click on Save.

Customizing site settings

When you publish your application on multiple network zones, such as the internet, the URLs are handled based on the DNS settings.

The following combinations are recommended in managing your URL settings in case of workflow and notifications:

  • If you have published the Sectona Web Access component in a cluster/load-balanced setup, provide the URL as per your DNS records in primary DNS settings.

  • If you have published two independent instances and implemented failover, provide the individual IP addresses of each instance to manage IP addresses or URLs.

  • DMZ settings are used when users share URLs to access the DMZ setup.

To customize the site mentioned above setting, follow the below steps:

  • Login to the Sectona portal as an administrator. 

  • Go to  Configuration → click on the Site Address (URL) tab on the sidebar.

  • Provide primary, secondary, and DMZ DNS in the respective fields.

  • Tick the Restrict Login Via DMZ MNS  to disable DMZ DNS access.
  • Under the Binding Address (URL) section, enter the required information in the Live Session and Collaboration field.
    Note: The Binding URL option configures a dedicated application/application proxy node. If the Binding URL path is not reachable, the session will be created from the Primary DNS address. 
  • Click on Save.

If the Primary DNS is not configured in the PAM, then the system will use DMZ DNS for workflow-related URLs.

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