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PTM Libraries

As Privileged Task Management allows organization to create its own task library, Sectona also provides predefined task library which covers some of the simple and complex operations a system administrator has to perform. It might be on daily basis or on emergency basis. Below is the list in which some of the simple or complex, daily or once in while used libraries provided by Sectona. 

This section covers:

SSH task library

1usermod -U %Input1%

usermod -U pamuser

When accidentally the user logs in with an incorrect password for say 3 times, the user gets locked. Delegating task will help the user to solve this problem without troubling the system administrator.
2netstat -tunp

netstat -tunp

Basic operations of System Administrator like morning checks of network connection of different server requires an admin to have the credentials of the asset, log in using those credentials, have knowledge about what commands will be used to execute the task, and then execute it. Once a task is created for a relevant server, morning checks of network connection become easy by just one click and save time as well.
3service %Input1% start
service %Input1% stop

service httpd start;
service httpd stop

Consider a user requires to start a service on daily basis before initiating their work but that executing this task requires privileged access. Delegating such tasks saves the time of the user and admin. At the same time, it reduces the burden of the organization as well.
4lsnrctl start

lsnrctl start

Consider a user who wants to take a session on Oracle SQL Developer. For accessing such a session, you require TLS Listener to be started. Again, starting such services require privileged access. Once such a task is created and delegated to the concerned user, the User can solve such problems, and no skill specialist is required to solve the problem.
5scp %Input1% %Input2%@%Input3%: %Input4%;

scp source.txt root@;
cp file1.txt file2.txt

As a human being chances of making mistake is very common to say, for example, copying a file from one source to another source may lead to confusion between the source and destination address. Such human error can be reduced with the use of PTM.


Basic commands like finding the hostname of a server, list of files, the testing connection between the local machine and remote machine, etc. which can be needed at any point time can be used with just one click.
7passwd %Input1%

passwd pamuser
New UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:

Some task not only requires privileged access but it also asks for some extra input/confirmation from the user before executing the command. Such commands can be considered as elevated commands. Changing a password to say, the default password of an organization requires the user to enter the password twice. PTM allows this process to become even more smooth and secure both at the same time.

PowerShell task library


get-eventlog –list

get-eventlog –list

Frequent and most commonly used commands can be executed in PTM with just one click. Also, the output of the command will be stored in PTM and can be viewed by the concerned user as and when required.

net user %Input1% /active:yes

net user %Input1% /active:no

net user testuser /active:yes

net user testuser /active:no

System admin may require to activate/deactivate users based on their requirement. Such tasks are a form of generalized task where once this task is created you can use it on any windows system for any user with ease.

get-wmiobject win32_logicaldisk

get-wmiobject win32_logicaldisk

Monitoring a system’s performance which is one of the primary job of system admin becomes easy with the help of PTM.



WMI is known as Windows Management Instrumentation which manages the personal computers and servers, both locally and remotely. To get the Status, Name, and DisplayName of the service you need not a logo to the concerned system, PTM will give the correct output of this service within no time.

Get-Service | Where {$_.status –eq 'running'}

Get-Service | Where {$_.status –eq 'running'}

You can design your own task as per your convenience like getting a list of running services or start a service or stop service and many more and execute those tasks as and when required.

netsh interface ipv4 show ipstats

netsh interface ipv4 show ipstats

It is equally important for a system admin to look after the system as well as network performance. PTM allows to gather network adapter statistics and show its IP statistics to the user.

enable-netadapter -Name %Input1%

enable-netadapter -Name LAN

To enable network adapters requires admin rights. Therefore, you must start the Windows PowerShell console with an account that has the proper rights to perform the task.
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