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Setting criticality level tags

Adding Criticality Levels allows you to customize the criticality factor of the assets according to the business context. You can assign criticality-level tags based on your environment's settings.

For example, the assets like production environment database and security devices such as firewalls can be defined as highly critical assets.

It helps to track the assets in the organization, in case you want to identify or report assets according to the impact they have on the business.

Steps to configuring criticality level tags

To define a criticality level tag in Sectona PAM, follow below recommended steps:

  • Login to Sectona PAM as an administrator

  • Navigate to the Configuration → Click on Criticality Levels 

  • Click the +Add Criticality Level button. This will open up a form where you can define your criticality levels.

  • Select the criticality level for your organization's assets as per the requirement to either Critical, High, Medium, or Low.

  • Click on Save to define the criticality level in Sectona PAM.

Criticality level tags can be assigned to any asset in your IT infrastructure. For more information, refer to asset management and asset discovery.

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