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Sectona authentication

Authentication policies can be defined based on the enabled authentication methods for users. The system supports hybrid authentication methods of Active Directory, LDAP, LDAPS, RADIUS, SAML, and Sectona authentication for users. This chapter consists of the following:

Policy settings and applicability

Policy type

Policy settings


Default value

Password policy

Enforce password history

Sectona authentication


Minimum password age

Sectona authentication


Minimum password length

Sectona authentication


Maximum password age

Sectona authentication


Password must meet complexity as per organizational requirements (uppercase, lowercase, numeric characters, special characters)

Sectona authentication


Lockout and fraud management

User lockout threshold

All authentication methods

0 attempt(s)

Unlock user after

All authentication methods

0 minute(s)

Inactive user management

User Dormancy threshold 

All authentication methods

0 day(s)

Procedure for configuring user authentication settings

  • Login to the System and select Platform Configuration from the product navigator.
  • Select Sectona Authentication under Authentication.

  • Make the changes as you require for this authentication.

  • Click on the "Save" button and your settings will be saved accordingly.

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