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How to configure ADFS into Sectona PAM

ADFS helps you provide access to your clients, partners, or vendor who reside in other security realms. You can create a user account in your domain for the other organization or you can set up a claims-based access control authorization model to maintain application security and implement federated identity.


  1. Login to the system and select PC from the product navigator.
  2. Under the Plugins and Connectors section Select AD & directory store option.
  3. Click on +Add AD & directory store.
  4. In the Directory Name, enter the name of the ADFS server. 
  5. Select Authentication Type as Windows Active Directory.
  6. Select Directory Store Type as SAML.
  7. In Issuer, enter the IP address of the Sectona PAM server on which the ADFS logon is to be enabled.
  8. In Logon URL, enter the path of the ADFS in the format:
  9. In Certificate, click on the enable icon and enter the certificate that has been used for the ADFS server. The format for the certificate should be '.pfx'.
  10. In Certificate Password, enter the password for the certificate issued.
  11. Make sure that the status of the application is Active.
  12. Click on Save.
  13. Navigate to System on the top navigation bar.
  14. Click on System Default from the left sidebar.
  15. Select User Logon Show ADFS Option and in the Config value enter "1". Click on Update.

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