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Onboard assets from Discovery View

In order to discover the assets available in your environment, you can run an asset discovery job by using one of the supported discovery types. The assets discovered during such a scan will be listed under Discovery View irrespective of whether or not they were onboarded during the discovery job.  You can manually onboard assets from this list as follows. 


  1. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  2. Go to Mange→ Discovery → Discovery view.
  3. Click on the Assets tab.
  4. You will find two types of Assets: 
        i. The No status in Vaulted column represents the assets which have not been onboarded yet.
        ii. The Yes status in Vaulted column represents the assets which are already onboard.
  5. Click on the Onboard button of the respective asset → click on Save.
Sectona also provides you the option of dynamically onboarding assets during the scan itself. Refer to Onboard assets during Asset Discovery for more information.

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