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Reports can give you insights into important details pertaining to assets and accounts within the system. Reports may be viewed by a number of people in the organization based on their roles. For instance, a CIO (Chief Information Officer) may need to view the risk statistics based on certain parameters such as Password Activity. Some other stakeholders such as the super-user may wish to view reports based on active users and active assets. Sectona allows you to generate reports and distribute it to the concerned users who need it in PDF, Excel or CSV formats.

Types of report



Canned report

You may want any number of people in your organization to view asset and password compliance data without actually logging into the system. Canned reports are prebuilt report functions available for viewing and exporting purposes.

Custom report

These are the reports which can be customized by the user or user groups. They can be easily formatted and designed at any time as per the requirement of the users.

To view an existing report

  • Navigate to the Reports options in the navigation bar.

  • Select any one report from the various types of canned reports displayed by default.

  • You can view a report by choosing formats like Excel or CSV to the left of the report window.

  • Click on Export to PDF option placed at the top-right corner of the screen to generate PDF of the reports.

In EPM, you can either access a canned report or design a report of own preference. In this chapter you will know about the following report types:

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