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Accessing MSSQL database using SQL Management Studio

You can access MSSQL database using SQL  Management Studio as follows. The session opens on the user machine in SQL Management Studio(SSMS) therefore, ensure that SSMS is already installed on the user device.  You can then provide the path where SQL Management Studio(SSMS) is installed in the Launcher Settings.


  1. Login to the system and select PC from the product navigator.

  2. Under the Plugins and Connectors section → Access Types.

  3. Create SQL Management Studio  Access Type → Configuration →Access Types.
  4. Click on Add Access Type→ Name : SQL Management Studio →Select Base Access Type : Thick Client → Specify Additional Ports if any → Upload xml file in Plugin Process.
  5. Click On User Profile → Settings → Launcher Settings.
  6. Select Access Type as : SQL Management Studio.
  7. In the Execution Path field provide the path where SSMS is installed.
  8. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  9. Go to My Access page → locate the asset you want  to connect to →click on its action button.
  10. Select Connect → SQL Server Management Studio.

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