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Accessing RHEL device using SSH with putty (RDP Direct)

You can access a RHEL device using ssh with putty as follows. RDP Direct provides a seamless working experience which has the exact feel as that of RDP, even though the access is enforced via a jump server. 


  1. Login to the system and select PC from the product navigator.
  2. Create Putty SSH Access Type → Configuration →Access Types.
  3. Click on Add Access Type→ Name : PuTTY →Select Base Access Type : Thick Client → Specify Additional Ports if any → Upload xml file in Plugin Process.
  4. For allowing RDP Direct User specific access follow below steps:Policies → User Access Policy
  5. Select the policy which is applied to the user to access or select the Default Policy→ Select Enforce Access via Jump Server also select Allow RDP Direct→ Update/Save.
  6. Configuration → Access Types → select PuTTY → enable "Enforce Access via Jump Server" and "Allow RDP Direct" checkboxes.
  7. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  8. My Access → Find the RHEL Server → Click on Connect → Select PuTTY SSH
  9. An RDP file will be downloaded
  10. Run the file and the session will be launched. 

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