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How to set a Notification Rule with scheduled time

You can set notification rule by specifying the scheduled time with the help of below mentioned steps. Once a notification rule is set for a particular rule, you need to perform certain operation with the particular time span specified in the notification rule configuration, so that the rule gets triggered and an alert email will be sent to the desired email-id in the form of notification. To check if it only works within the particular time span set, try performing operation after or before the time span set. Note that email should be sent only when action performed with in the timespam. To verify if user is able to set notification with particular scheduled time, you need to perform following steps.


  1. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  2. Go to Setup → Notifications → Notification Rules → Click on Add New Notification Rule.
  3. Fill in the details,
    1. Rule Name : <Enter Rule Name say "Account Group Delete">
    2. Description : <Enter Description say "Account Group Delete">
    3. Notification Type: <Select option "Account Group Deleted" from drop down>
    4. Schedule Time : <Set schedule time say 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM>
    5. Recipient Mail : <Enter email address say "">
    6. Instance: <Select instance "Any" from drop down>
    7. Active: <slider set to Active by default>
    8. Click on Save button
  4. Go to Manage → Click on Account Management → Click on Account Group
  5. Select the desired Account Group
  6. Click on Delete.
  7. User should be received the notification via email "Account Group Delete.

Note that you need to perform action with the schedule time described in the configuration.

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