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Using SCP Over Browser

You can transfer and download files between user and server machines and create directories on the server using SCP over your browser. However, before enabling SCP over browser ensure that the server supports SSH. These tasks can be performed as follows:


  1. Check that the corresponding server supports SSH by running the following command: 'netstat -nta|grep 22'.
  2. Login to the system and select PC from the product navigator.
  3. Under the Plugins and Connectors section → Asset Type → Locate the desired asset → Click on its corresponding action button.
  4. Select Linked access type → Enable SCP Over Browser → Click on Save.
  5. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  6. Go to your My Access Page → Locate the asset → Click on Connect → Select SCP Over Browser.
  7. You can transfer and download files or create directories as follows:

To transfer a file from a user machine to server machine:

  • Click on upload tab → Specify the path of the server to which you want to upload the file → Browse → Select the desired file → Upload.

To download a file from Server to machine to user machine :

  • Select the "Download File" tab → Specify the path of the file → Download

To make a directory on the server:

  • Click on the 'Make Directory' tab → Specify the path in the target server following by the name of the directory which you want to create → Click on Make Directory.

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