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Configure a Maker Checker for Account management

Maker Checker policies reduce the probability of error and misuse by splitting the task of adding new accounts into two. This provides an extra level of security as there now exists an approver who verifies Account details and decides accordingly. According to this policy, an account can be created but it will be added onto Sectona only after the approval of the designated approver. These approver(s) whether single or multiple, are specified in a hierarchy while configuring the policy itself. As a prerequisite the "Sectona Workflow Service" should be in active state to enable a Maker Checker rule. In case of conflicting Maker Checker workflow rules, system applies the latest rule.


  1. To start the Sectona Workflow service, Login to the system and select Platform Configuration from the product navigator → System → System Status → App Services → Start.
  2. Go to PAM → Policies → Workflow Management.
  3. Click on Configure → Add Workflow.
  4. Specify a rule name. Set Rule type = Maker Checker.
  5. Set the level of approval.
  6. Set the Request Type = Account management . Set a Scheduled Time if required.
  7. Select approvers in the 'Approver' field. 
      i.  Select the approver and set the Level as '1' in the adjacent "Level" field. This is the first approver (level 1) the request will go to. 
     ii. Similarly, Select a new approver and set the Level as '2' in the adjacent "Level" field. This is the second approver (level 2) the request will go to, if the level1 approver approves the request.  
    iii. Similarly, you can define multiple levels and multiple approvers by selecting an approver and defining his respective "Level".
  8. Click on Save.

To set the Sectona Workflow Service to auto-start(always running), go to Platform Configuration → System → System Defaults → search for SectonaWorkflowService → click on AutoStart AppService - SectonaWorkflow → change the config value to 1 → Save.

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