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Set an expiry date for a Server Access Policy

There maybe a scenario in which you just need a Server Access Policy to be enforced for a specific period of time on the selected users. Sectona PAM platform provides you an option in which you can set desired expiry date for a Server Access Policy after which it will be no longer be in effect.


  1. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  2. Navigate to Policies → Under General select Server Access Policy 
  3. To create a Server Access Policy refer Create a Server Access Policy (follow step 4 if you want to set an expiry date for an existing policy)
  4. Click on the name of an existing Server Access Policy →
  5. A pop-up will open simply enable the Expiry option, select a desired date →
  6. Click on next button till the last page and click Finish to save the configuration 

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