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Setup a Password Rotation policy

Password Rotation policy reduces the risk of password theft and misuse,  by resetting account passwords periodically. The passwords are reset automatically. A separate password policy needs to be created for defining the complexity of passwords. This policy is then assigned to the Password Rotation policy. A Password rotation is applied to an asset. All the accounts for that asset automatically inherit this rotation policy.


  1. Login to the system and select PAM from the product navigator.
  2. Under Policies → Rotation Policy → Add Rotation Policy
  3. Enter the Policy details. Check the Rotate Password Check Box. Select the frequency for changing password under Rotate Password section.
  4. Select a value for 'Recur Every'. Fill in the details.
  5. Select a password policy to define the complexity of the passwords.
  6. Click on  Save.

To apply this policy, go to Asset Management → select the asset you want to apply the policy to →under rotation Policy, uncheck the default checkbox and select the respective policy from the dropdown menu.

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